Viper 10557X

Viper 10557X.jpg

General Information

These heavy-duty soldering irons are ideal for heavy soldering jobs and production-line environments. The most common reason for substandard solder joints stem from soldering irons with insufficient heat to transfer into the joint. Our irons were created with the sole purpose to deliver heat...lots and lots of heat. Created by compression winding a special Ni-Chrome heating alloy onto a steel spool, all elements demonstrate an unsurpassed heat capacity and outstanding durability.

Protective casings cut from a single block of steel are strengthened with multiple heat treatments and precision brazed for optimal strength and efficiency. Our tips start with solid copper cores and undergo numerous finishing processes to ensure optimal heat transfer and longevity. We challenge you to find a tougher soldering iron on the market today.

When speaking with customers, we find it helpful to compare the flow of heat from a soldering iron into a solder joint with the flow of water. For most standard irons, you can picture water gently flowing from the end of a garden hose. For an American Beauty soldering iron, picture the roaring waves of the white-water rapids you've never quite had the courage to tackle.