Tridan VC-3WP

General Information

This large capacity vacuum fin collector system is designed for the automatic collection of heat
exchanger fins as they progress from a die. The three fin collector arms automatically move in a rotary motion by means of hydraulic power. The three collector arms are equally spaced 120 degrees apart.

POWER INDEXED-TYPE SHUTTLE - Model VC-3WP. This Collector System employs a three(3) position hydraulically power rotary shuttle mechanism. The three (3) collection arms are center-pivot mounted on a support table and located 120 degree apart. The support table reciprocates on twin 1.500"(38.1mm) diameter turn-ground-and-polish shafts on recirculating ball bushings and is powered by a 2"(50.4mm)Bore JIC hydraulic cylinder. This mechanism allows the collection arm under the vacuum unit to be withdrawn, when indexing (rotation) of the arms is required. Rotation of the collection arms is provided through a chain and sprocket drive, which is power by a gerotar-type hydraulic motor and is limit switch controlled. The collector arm is pre-position under the vacuum unit by a 1.5"(38.1mm) bore air cylinder, with final and positive positioning provided by mechanical means.