Tridan VC-2RM

General Information

The Tridan Model VC-2RM is designed as a complete single blower vacuum system for the automatic collection of heat exchanger fins as they progress from a die. The fin collector arms can be manually shuttled (reciprocated) from one side of the collector to the
other for removal of the complete fins.

RECIPROCATING-TYPE SHUTTLE - Model VC-2RM. The collection arms are located side-by-side and reciprocate back and forth under the Vacuum Unit. Since this shuttle type is used primarily for longer fin lengths and heavy fin stock materials, the arms are support on recirculating ball-type bushings which run on turn ground and polished shafting. In addition, the arms maybe separated so that neither arm is located under the Vacuum Unit, which is helpful during set up of the die. The main Advantage of this type of shuttle is that it can be use for longer finned lengths, if purchased with length increasing options; while the disadvantages include removal of the fin from two positions and cost. Fin Collectors with additional collection positions and/or powered indexing of the collector arms are also available.