TuboMat 648

Standard Features

  • Electronic control with 8-fold bending angle pre-selection, set-point / actual value display
    and automatic sequencing
  • Hydraulic bending drive, operated by hand lever valve
  • Hydraulic pipe clamping
  • Hydraulic pressure die positioning
  • Hydraulic mandrel retraction
  • Pipe circular saw with coolant lubrication and automatic feed
  • Pipe deburring unit for internal and external deburring
  • Hydraulic power unit as basic seating for attaching a cutting ring assembly or flaring device
  • Machine mobile and flexible to use

Additional equipment, options and accessories

  • Follower-type pressure die (sliding guide)
  • Positioning device for pipe length and rotation, incl. 3-jaw chuck
  • Mechanical collet chuck
  • Length and rotation measuring system with digital display
  • Anticipated mandrel retraction
  • Mandrel lubrication device
  • Cutting ring assembly device, with manual or automatic pressure adjustment
  • Pipe flaring device, for 37° SAE or 10° flaring
  • Pipe chamfering device