Tridan Tube Trim Saw

General Information

The Tridan Model TTS Tube Trim Saw is designed to trim any excess material from the legs of return bends or dual 90 degree crossover bends.

The Model TTS-1 Tube Trim Saw consist of a stand mounted Two(2)HP - 3400 RPM precision saw motor with saw blade and blade guard, pillow-block bearing mounted pivot arm with tube clamp, and motor starter with off-on switch. There are adjustments for tangent leg length and travel of the tube clamp pivot arm. After clamping the bend, the operator then rotates clamped bend into the motorized circular saw, which trims the bend to the pre-set tangent leg length. It is generally recommended to use a number of tube lengths, making a bend at both ends of the tube, since this method results in minimal waste.

Interchangeable tooling is available for the TTS-1 Tube Trim Saw, which will allow the sawing of return bends and dual 90 degree crossover type bends. Each tooling set consist of a lower tube clamp block that is designed for a specific tube diameter and center-to-center dimension. The blocks are made from 41S34 Tool Steel
heat treated to 48/50 Rc, and precisely located by two(2) – dowel pins in the clamp block retainer. The upper clamp consist clamp block spacer, designed for each tube diameter, and a flat rubber-bonded plate. This reduces marking of the tube by the clamp and reduces changeover times when using the same tube diameter,                                                                                                                         since only the lower clamp must be changed.