General Information

TOWERKEM 550 is a synthetic coolant designed for machining and grinding operations on a variety
of metals. Since TOWERKEM 550 is formulated without mineral oil or animal fats, it rejects tramp
oil efficiently. TOWERKEM 550 is easily recyclable in conventional fluid recovery systems. It is
designed to provide low foaming characteristics in high pressure coolant systems. This coolant also
provides excellent rust protection on cast iron metal, and is compatible with carbide tooling.


TOWERKEM 550 is effective for numerous operations, including boring, drilling, milling, reaming,
sawing, tapping, threading, and grinding of ferrous metals. Starting water dilutions for machining
operations are 10:1 to 15:1. Grinding operations should begin at starting dilutions of 20:1 with water.


Density: 1.05 g/ml 8.7 lbs/gal
Appearance: Clear Yellow Liquid
Odor: Bland
pH (5% solution): Typically 8½ to 9
Refractive Index: 7.8 @ 5:1 4.5 @ 10:1 3.2 @ 15:1
(freshly diluted): 2.5 @ 20:1 2.0 @ 25:1 1.8 @ 30:1

• Does NOT Contain Mineral Oil, Chlorine,
Sulfur, Phenols, Heavy Metals, DEA or PCB’s
• Forms a Stable Solution Without Leaving Tacky Residues
• Rejects Tramp Oil Efficiently
• Provides Excellent In-Process Rust Protection
• Has Excellent Resistance to Growth of Bacteria & Fungi
• Does NOT Foam in Soft Water
• Has Excellent Heat Transfer Properties
For Part Size Control & Extended Tool Life
• Has Outstanding Machine Operator Acceptance