TOWERDRAW TC-89-X is a modified complex chemical soap, water soluble paste. It provides a strong
barrier film and high degree of lubricity. TOWERDRAW TC-89-X is primarily intended as a mandrel
lubricant for tube and pipe bending and for end forming operations.


TOWERDRAW TC-89-X is normally used as supplied, but may be diluted with water by adding water to
the paste with agitation. It must be mixed in this order to form a stable emulsion. It is recommended for
ferrous, stainless steel, titanium, inconel and aluminum. TOWERDRAW TC-89-X is easy to clean with a
mild alkaline cleaner.

Appearance: Pale Yellow Pourable Paste
Density: 0.94 g/ml 7.8 lbs/gal


· Has Chlorine-Free Chemistry
· Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
· Pumps Through Mandrel Rod Lubricators
· Weld Through Without Cleaning
· Does Not Harden Like Pigmented Lubes
· Is Operator Friendly