General Information

The TruTool TKF 1500 beveller with automatic forward feed is ideal for processing straight edges on long sheet metal pieces. The new beveller operates without physical strain on the operator. The tool is placed into the metal and runs independently with minimal supervision. Weld edges are prepared at a working speed of 79 in/min.

Thanks to the continuous self-feed and the adjustable feed-speed you can achieve an oustanding and uniform edge quality.



With automatic forward feed

  • Processes straight edges on long sheets of metal as well as T and double T carriers.
  • Continuous self-feed and adjustable feed speed; machine operates on its own with minimal supervision
  • Adjusts to sheet thickness without tools
  • Cutting tool can be changed without tools and can be reground multiple times
  • Welding seam preparation in a single step
  • Bevelling angle easily adjustable from 20° to 55°
  • Available in electric version