TKF 1500 2S

General Information

The TruTool TKF 1500 weld beveller with 2-speed transmission easily adjusts to the material to be processed. When working with high-tensile material a stroke rate reduction is recommended. This generates a high-quality bevel and increases the service life of the feeder. The angles can be adjusted progressively from 20 to 55 degrees. Whether you are producing K, V, X or Y angles or working on flat sheets or T-carriers, the result is always consistent and oxide-free. The TruTool TKF 1500 with 2-speed transmission is ideal for mobile and stationary weld seam preparation. Easy mounting with quick release tools and a long service life ensure its efficiency.

The powerful one with 2 speeds

  • Two-speed gear box for stainless and other high tensile applications
  • Bevelling angle easily adjustable from 20° to 55°
  • Roller guide reduces vibration for comfortable machining and extended cutter life
  • Bevels curved edges with a minimum radius of 5 in.
  • Processes pipe with a minimum inside diameter of 1.2 in. mm
  • Processing of T- and double T-carriers
  • Available in electric version