TKF 1100

General Information

The TruTool TKF 1100 produces highly precise and emission-free bare metal K, V, X and Y edges. Its chief application is in stainless steel and high-strength steel processing. Edges are oxide-free and seam work is not required. Weld joints can be made both on straight sheets and on tubes, interior cutouts and curved edges. The machine can be positioned in the middle of the sheet. Features include a progressively adjustable bevel height and the ability to adjust the sheet thickness setting without tools.

Standard Features

The right choice for processing stainless steel

  • No extra tools required to adjust the bevel height and sheet thickness
  • Mounting brackets for bevel angles of 30°, 37.5° or 45°
  • Adjustable motor handle provides optimal operating comfort
  • Processes pipes with a minimum inside diameter of 3.15 in.
  • Bevels inside cutouts starting 3.15 in. diameter and curved edges with a minimum radius of 1.57 in.
  • Available in electric-version