Model TCC-50 

Standard Features

The typical application areas of TCC-50 automatic cut-off machine are automotive industry and heat exchanger industry (solar).

TCC-50 cuts tubing from either straight lengths from the Rackloader (see TCC-50 RL) or coiled tube from a Double Coil Holder. Here we concentrate on coiled tubing only.

The tube is pulled into the TCC-50 automatically by a pneumatically operated hitch feed mechanism. Max. stroke length is 28''. The maximum cut length, 419'', can be achieved with multifeed operation. Standard multifeed is 15 strokes.

The tube is fed to the desired length and clamped on both sides of the cutting head, which rotates around the tube. There are special back-up rollers which support the tube, when the cutter penetrates the sidewall and performs cutting operations.

There are three different cutting methods available:

The Pull-apart method is the most advanced cut-off method: first the cutting disk penetrates the tube wall about 95%. After that the cut-length is separated by pulling it apart. This eliminates the I.D. reduction that would happen if the blade would go through the tube wall.

With this feature, the secondary operations are easier to carry out since the cutting quality is usually good enough for them without deburring or chamfering tube ends. The method also allows easy chaining of different processes like cutting + endforming/bending.

The Cut & Break method is possible when tube piece length is under 70 mm. The blade is set to penetrate approximately 95 % through the tube wall, at which point the clamping fixture breaks the tube sideways. This method is only available on the T-Drill TCC.50 Cutting Machine.

Throught cut method is the most fundamental method of cutting tubes by using rotary cutting disks. This method is used for cut lengths of 30 mm and longer by basic equipments. This can be used in cases, where some reduction in inner dimension can be allowed.

The machine is equipped with a predetermining batch counter, which turns the system off after the preset number of cuts has been completed.

T-DRILL standard decoiling system includes double decoiler and tension unit: additional information, please see 'Options'.