TCC-50 MCS.jpg

Standard Features

The TCC-50-MCS provides a cost effective solution for those needing the benefits of a chipless rotary cut-off but with lower volume requirements.

The tube is fed manually by the operator to the adjustable stopper followed by automatic rotary cut-off. With a digital read-out the cut-length setting can be made fast and accurately. The tube diameter range is 1,5–50,8 mm. The machine is suited for copper, aluminium, brass, CuNi, mild- and stainless steel.

The Rotary cut-off eliminates chips, scrap, secondary deburring and part washing. It is ecologically friendly, quiet and fast cutting method. Minimal I.D. reduction is of vital importance for secondary operations such as mandrel bending and stand alone end forming. With TCC-50-MCS, this can be achieved by using a fast, two step cutting method.

The Pull-apart method is the most advanced cut-off method: first the cutting disk penetrates the tube wall by approximately 95%. The cut-length is then separated by pulling it apart. This eliminates or minimizes the I.D. reduction that could occur, if the blade was to completely cut through the tube wall.

With this feature, the secondary operations are easier to carry out since the cutting quality is usually good enough for them without deburring or chamfering tube ends. The method also allows easy chaining of different processes like cutting + endforming/bending.


  • No chips, scrap, secondary deburring and part washing.
  • The method is ecologically friendly, quiet and fast
  • Minimal I.D. reduction