TCC-28 RL 

TCC-28 RL.jpg

TCC-28-RL Automatic Tube Cutting Center for Straight Lengths

The TCC-28 is an automated tube cutting station with many options. Cutting diameter range for straight length tubes is 4,76–28 mm. System has fully automatic cut length changes with integrated batch management system.

Cutting of straight tubes

The automatic Rackloader is used when the raw material is coming in straight lengths. There are two lengths of rackloaders, for tube lengths max. 4000 mm and max. 6000 mm. The Rackloader integrated into the machine closely. Thus the total length of system has been kept as short as possible.

In cutting of straight tubes TCC-28 offers a remarkable advantage: the minimizing of rest pieces. This means that TCC-28 is able to change the cutting length automatically: it can be programmed to cut e.g. 6000 mm long straight tube so that the rest piece will be as small as possible. In practice we have noticed that three cutting lenghts is a reasonable amount in minimizing the length of rest pieces.

It is natural to think that if the TCC-28 is able to cut different lengths, these lenghts should be able to be sorted automatically so that the operator need not do it. Therefore TCC-28 is normally provided with an automatic sorting table. Thus all the three different cut lengths are assorted to a box of their own and the waste piece to its own. There are available different sorting tables being able to handle maximum cut lengths from 2000 mm to 6000 mm.