TCC-28 Coil Tube

TCC-28 Coil Tube.jpg

Standard Features

The TCC-28 is an automated tube cutting station with many options. Cutting range for copper and aluminium is 0.06'' - 7/8" (depending on a case even 1.125 ')' and max 0.39'' for mild steel. System has fully automatic cut length changes with integrated batch management system. Material can be fed from several kinds of decoiling systems.

When cutting different lengths it is practical to use diverting table for separating those different lengths. There are available different diverting table being able to handle maximum cut lengths from 78'' to 236''. 

Cutting from Coil

In cutting from coil it is used vertical double coil holder or vertical coil holder and a tube straightener. The advantage of a double coil holder is a quick changing time, while when the other coil is being cut, the other one can be changed without interrupting the production.

In straightening it is used either 7+7 or 9+9 straightening rolls depending on tube diameter. T-DRILL has paid special attention to easiness of adjusting the straightening rolls as well as to acceleration of the changing times. There are adjusters with digital display as well as changing mechanisms, with which the straightening rolls can be changed without tools.

The machine can change the cutting length automatically having positioning accuracy of +/- 0.0079. The cutting length will be programmed into a touch screen panel. With help of the panel it is also easy to diagnose reasons for eventual error situations.

Throught cut method is the most fundamental method of cutting tubes by using rotary cutting disks. This method is used for cut lengths of 30 mm and longer by basic equipments. This can be used in cases, where some reduction in inner dimension can be allowed.

The Pull-apart method is the most advanced cut-off method: first the cutting disk penetrates the tube wall about 95%. After that the cut-length is separated by pulling it apart. This eliminates the I.D. reduction that would happen if the blade would go through the tube wall.

With this feature, the secondary operations are easier to carry out since the cutting quality is usually good enough for them without deburring or chamfering tube ends. The method also allows easy chaining of different processes like cutting + endforming/bending.

By far better production capacity

TCC-28 is an ideal solution for automatic cutting of small diameter tubes. When cutting a tube from coil it is possible to make even 4000 cuts per hour keeping up the cutting quality. 

Typical Applications

Rotary, chipless "pull-apart" cut is especially suitable for the following applications:

  • Brake tubings and fuel rails components
  • Air conditioning charge ports
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air conditioners
  • Heaters
  • Refrigeration industry
  • Solar panels

Advantages of TCC-28

  • efficient - 4000 cuts / hour possible in short cut lengths
  • accurate cutting length tolerances (+/- 0.0039'')
  • clean, chipless and burrless cutting method
  • "pull-apart" method eliminates the I.D. reduction of the tube end
  • biological lubrication - evaporates and there is no need to was the tube before the next work stage or welding
  • suitable for both cutting from coil and for straight lengths
  • several cutting lengths automatically
  • by using a sorter the different cut lenghts can be sorted out automatically
  • reliability - the basic idea of this cutting method has been in use already over 25 years