GBC Supercutter

Standard Features

The SUPERCUTTER range of portable pipe cutting and beveling machines are ruggedly designed to work in the most arduous conditions. The split frame design enables in-line pipe to be cut and beveled simultaneously. Various size machines from 6" to 60" diameter. All types of weld prep can be achieved up to 60mm wall thickness. 

Supercutter Range
6" - 60" (168-1530mm)
Pipe cutter SUPERCUTTER available with pneumatic or hydraulic motor. 

Upper locking jaws are marked with workable pipe diameter for easy and quick machine set up on pipe. 

The unit is equipped with two copier toolboxes for following the pipe OD profile. This minimizes the bevel offset due to out-of-round pipe. 

Developed for on site use in pipelines. Machine body is split frame type, allowing set-up of machine at any point along pipelines.              DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

6” - 60” OD (168 - 1530 mm OD)
Cutting, bevelling, facing, counterboring   
any kind of steel