Tridan STMBC BELT FED 4-Tube

General Information

The production application of the Tridan Model STMBC-1 is to straighten and cut to a pre-determined length level-wound coiled tubing of copper or aluminum. It is a fully integrated system consisting of a Tube Straightening, Sizing, and Lubrication Section, adjustable-length Tube Feeding Section, and a chipless Tube Cutoff Section.

The Model STMBC-1 Qual-Ekon Tube Straightener and Cut-to-Length Line is one of a family, of four tube
straighteners and cut-to-length lines built by TRIDAN; which utilize an orbital-type chip-free(chipless) tube
cutoff system. The Model STMBC-1 processes four(4) tubes per cycle, while the Models STVBC-1 and STQBC-1 processes six(6) and two(2) tubes per cycle, respectively.
Supporting equipment include a Tube Decoiling System, a Tube Runnout/Collector System, and an optional Tube End Resizing System. The Control System is designed in such a manner that all operations are sequenced fully automatically or may be individually placed under manual control. The Tube Straightening, Feeding, and
Cutoff Sections are mounted on a machined base plate under this base plate is mounted a packaged hydraulic power unit. This power unit features an amply-sized reservoir which is furnished with a liquid level gauge and thermometer, as standard equipment.

The Tube Decoiling System is built on a weldment frame of sufficient size and rigidity to support the number and size of coils dictated by the application. The Tube Runnout/Collector System is designed to provide support for the tubing during its feeding, and an area is provided for the collection of cut tubes.

The Model STMBC-1 is pictured with the Optional 2-Plane Straightening System. Additional options include manual                                                                                                                        Tube End Resizing. Integrated into the Runnout/Collector                                                                                                                      System and a fully automatic Tube End Forming System.
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