Model SP-22

General Information

The machine designed for tube end spinning. Using different tools, the machines can produce different form of close, reduced and expanded ends on copper, aluminum and brass tubes.

Below are some examples of tube end spinning: 1. Closed end 2. Reduced end 3. Expanded end.

The three essential features in the process of spinning are the rotation speed of the tool, the working pressure of the feed cylinder and the geometry of the tool. In this process, accurately guided frictional forces, which are generated when the rotation tool is pressed against the end of the tube heat up the end of the tube. At the same time, the tool is pushed against the end of the tube causing the tube to be formed to the shape of the tool. Once the tube has been placed into the clamp of the machine, the work cycle is completely automatic.

The SP-22 is a special purpose unit, which, when used with T-DRILL cutting machines tube clamps and cutting tools is capable of producing a range of grooved tubes of sizes Ø⅜’’ - ؾ’’.