Model SPF-110

General Information

The T-DRILL Tube End Spinners are designed to produce a wide variety of tube end geometries. Closing, reducing, expanding, even with exceptionally long and complicated shapes are possible to form. These shapes are typically used in air-conditioning, cooling, solar panel and mechanical contractor industries. The spinners are fully automatic and suitable for materials such as copper and brass. After the work piece has been loaded, the clamp jaws grip the tube and the rotating tool is fed against the tube end. The friction of the rotating tool and the stationary work piece heats up the tube end, forming it rapidly to the shape of the tool.

Flat End Spinning machine for flat closing (90 degrees) as well as reducing and expanding of copper tubes - Max. diameter of flat end closing 104 mm - Max. diameter of tubes to be reduced and expanded 54 mm. Typical process time for flat closing is 25 - 40 seconds depending on material specification