Small Coil Brazer

Small Coil Brazer Framed.jpg


Key Benefits

The In-line Coil Brazer is modular in design with a hanging coil system made to accommodate lengths ranging from 20 inches to 12 feet-plus, and supports coils to approximately 84 inches wide.


  • Coils hang either by a header plate, supported by adjustable, lift-off fixtures or sit on a basic slat conveyor
  • The system will accommodate one to five-row coils
  • There are no rails to damage fin edges (except on the basic slat conveyor)
  • Digital Changeover
  • Integrated forced-air cooling system
  • All electro-mechanical components - no compressed air needed


  • Rigid welded frame with enclosure panels and floor pads
  • Heating and Cooling Sections measure 8 feet each
  • Integrated Heavy-duty stainless steel exhaust hoods
  • Modular Variable-Speed Conveyor System
  • Centrally located utilities to facilitate lockout/tagout procedures
  • Machine coated with corrosion-resistant Safety Blue paint


  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Digital Operator Interface including Automatic Message Display
  • Failure Diagnostic System
  • Diagnostic Preventative Maintenance System
  • NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosure
  • 240/480 VAC power
  • All logic controls 24 Volt DC
  • Light tower for monitoring machine status



  • Four Electronic Variable Blower Gas/Air Combustion Systems
  • Hi/Lo Control System for fuel conservation and extended burner life
  • Gas flow meters and manometers for each Combustion System
  • Timed Igniter Wand
  • Four stainless steel digitally adjustable manifolds


  • Repeatable machine-controlled automated brazing process
  • Machine-controlled production rate through Digital Operator Interface
  • Long-life stainless steel tooling designed for thermal resistance and error- proof loading


  • Trial run, buy-off, and training of your representatives in our facility is included
  • Machine Manuals including electrical, gas system, and utilities schematics
  • Tooling/Fixture drawings, spare parts lists, and program logic included


  • External Oxidation-Reduction Gasflux® Injection System
  • Nitrogen part purge system
  • Automatic 'U' tube insertion
  • Infrared High Temperature Optical Pyrometer System
  • Optical Pyrometer Safety System to determine final part temperature
  • Exhaust flow sensor (for Canadian Certification)
  • Exhaust or machine enclosure temperature sensor (for Canadian Certification)