Model SE

Standard Features

Clamping capacity:

SE60:             10 – 60 mm OD
SE90:             25 – 90 mm OD
SE120:           60 – 120 mm OD

Feed stroke:
- Manual with wheel, 15 mm

Machine is delivered with:

  • pneumatic or electric drive
  • keys and screws
  • operating manual


General Information

The pneumatic or electric powered SE-series end prep tools are lightweight and portable. They will perform repeatable quality weld preps on most metal pipes and tubes including stainless steel, from 10 mm to 120 mm OD.
The cutting head will bevel, face and counterbore individually or in a simultaneous operation. The tool-holder plate can hold up to 4 tool blocks. The plate is easily removable and thus allows the op-erator to save time once the tool blocks have been adjusted by exchanging the whole plate.
The machines of the SE-series are available with either pneumatic or electric drive. They clamp to the pipe by means of a heavy duty collet and thus provide a chatterfree accurate finish. Short collets are available for the machining of T, fittings, micro fittings, elbows.

These machine are the most suitable end preparation tools for all your orbital welding applications They will achieve bevel shapes like I, V, X, J and counterboring works.

The robust SE machines will perform repeatable high quality weld preparations on all types of materials including stainless steel duplex, super duplex, inconel, P91etc.