Polysoude Robotic TIG

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General Information

Robotic welding or cladding systems are used in all industries necessitating high quality welds.

The robotic installation remains one of the only solutions in the case of complex trajectories (elliptical, longitudinal, etc.) or the case of reduced access where the use of classical manipulators reaches its limits.

Polysoude proposes a complete range of robotic welding and cladding solutions integrating all the necessary peripherals, accessories and dedicated functionalities, in order to guarantee optimal welding results:

• High performance power sources
• Synchronisation between the movements of the robot and the welding current
• Arc Voltage Control (AVC)
• Special torches / lances for automatic welding, with integrated video cameras

Easy change of the welding and cladding process, whether it be TIG Cold Wire, Hot Wire Narrow Gap or Plasma. The related torch changes can be carried out automatically by the robot.

In order to make each system a real turnkey solution, Polysoude offers a large variety of related services adapted to customer's needs and complexity of the applications:

• Welding / Cladding feasibility tests
• Procedure development
• Equipment integration tests
• On-site commissioning and training
• Maintenance training
• Preventive maintenance program