Tridan RLG90

General Information

The Tridan model RLG90 Fin Line is designed for large Fin Dies with the patented Tridan Self-contained Feed System. This Fin Line is supplied with a computer based control system and a three position powered fin collector.

The Model RLG90E-48-34-2 Super-Volutron Fin Line is one of a family of Fin Lines built by TRIDAN for ribbon-type fin die applications. Two others are the Model RLB45E-30-22-4 Qual- Ekon Fin Line, which is TRIDAN's small capacity Fin Line, and the larger capacity Model RLB75E-36-30-2. Both of these Fin Lines are built with a fixed shut height and are designed for single or double progression Fin Dies that employ TRIDAN's patented Self-Contained Pulltype Feeding System, which does not require a connection between the die's feeding system and the press crankshift.