Tridan REXQ

General Information

The Tridan Model REXQ Qual-Ekon Return Bender is an automatic mandrel type bender with a saw cutoff that products parts from level wound rolls of copper or aluminum tube. This machine is designed to produce 180 degree return bends, elbow bends from 5 to 90 degrees or short straight tubes. With a tool change, the REXQ can also produce dual 90 degree crossover bends.

The Model REXQ-4 Qual-Ekon Combination Automatic Return, Elbow, and Dual 90 Degree Crossover Bender is one of a family of three benders built by TRIDAN that will produce return bends. The Model RBQ-4 Qual-Ekon Return Bender produces up to two(2) return bends per cycle, and the Model RBV-1 Volutron Return Bender produces up to six(6) return bends per cycle, both dependent upon the tubing's diameter.

With TRIDAN's development of the REXQ-4, it is now possible for all coil manufactures to produce their own dual 90 degree Crossovers and Elbows; and lower-to-moderate volume manufacturer are provided a single source machine for all their connection tubing parts.

The production application of the TRIDAN Model RBV-1 is fabricate short 180 degree bends, known as return bends, or short straight lengths directly from level-wound coiled tubing of copper or aluminum having outside tube diameters between 1/4" .35mm) and 3/4" (19.05mm). Random straight length of tubing may also be employed; however, the productive output will be reduced and between 12" and 16" 305/406mm) of tubing will be wasted per straight length. It is a fully integrated system consisting of an adjustable-length Tube Feeding and Straightening Section, Tube Bending Section, and Cutoff/Bend Ejection Section. Supporting equipment includes a Tube Decoiling System. The Control System is designed in such a manner that all operations are sequenced fully automatically or may be individually paced under manual control.