Tridan Quadpander

General Information

The Model QE-3 (4) Quadpander was developed to provide a happy medium for producers of the larger commercial and industrial-type coils. It is a further development of the expansion principle employed by the TRIDAN FLEXPANDERS and HEXPANDERS.

The TRIDAN Model QE-3(4) QUADPANDER is a hydraulically powered semi-portable mechanical tube expander designed for the expansion of heat transfer coils, which use straight tube and return bend construction. It is designed to expand up to four(4) tubes per cycle (dependent upon center-to-center dimension) made of copper or aluminum, and other thin wall materials having outside diameters between
5/16"(7.94mm) and 3/4"(19.1mm). Note that since the QUADPANDER expands multiple tubes during its operational cycle with these tube centers being co-linear in the same row, hairpin tube construction cannot be used. The maximum finned length expandable is determined by the length of expander rod used.