PowerSkive 5-50

Technical Data
Hose capacity: 3/16" - 2"
Skiving and Push-on capacity: 400 - 600 pcs/hour
Motor: 0,75kW
Voltage 3-phase: 230/400V/16A/50Hz
Velocity: 550/700 rpm
Air pressure: min 6 bar
Colour: Light Grey


General Information

A semi-automatic PLC-controlled skiving machine.

Quick, reliable and easy to use. A centering system
assures that the hose is correctly aligned during
the entire skiving and inserting process.
PowerSkive 5-50 can also be used for inserting fittings. 


  • PLC-controlled
  • Eliminates work-related injuries
  • Great increase of production capacity
  • Automatic self-centering system
  • Adjustable speed
  • Adjustable pressure
  • Waste collection for easy disposal

Length: 1 200 mm
Width: 680 mm
Height: 1 080 mm
Weight: 132 Kg