Polysoude Polycar MP

Accessories and options for particular needs

  • Pre-cut and rolled steel bands for all tube and pipe diameters.
  • Motorised longitudinal torch inclination module for weld penetration control (pushing or dragging).
  • Extension cable (15 m).
  • Single quick macro-connector to separate weld carriage and umbilical for easy handling.
  • Compact shipping case for transport and storage.
  • Tool kit for daily operation

Standard Features

  • Compatible for work with following series of Polysoude power sources: PS 406, PC 300, PC 350 for TIG / GTAW cold wire, PC 600 for TIG / GTAW cold/hot wire / Plasma, PC "weld controller" for MIG-MAG / GMAW.
  • Particularly designed for high duty cycle applications by means of high temperature resistant materials and closed loop water cooling.
  • Modular design for easy maintenance and job configuration.
  • Motorised arc length control (AVC) / stick out and torch oscillation for multipass welding.
  • Water cooled welding torch with quick coupling for the chosen process: TIG / GTAW cold & hot wire: 400 A / 100% duty cycle with laminar gas protection, Plasma (arc pilot): 350 A / 100% duty cycle with laminar gas protection.
  • All welding torches are using standard consumables.
  • On-board filler wire module for solid and core wire (5 kg / Ø 200 mm spool).
  • Closed loop regulation to ensure precise, constant or pulsed welding speed.
  • Encoder for position based control of the welding program:
  • All position orbital 360° weld.
  • Uphill or downhill 2 x 180° weld with one or 2 simultaneously operating weld carriages.
  • High speed repositioning of the weld carriage (2 m/min).
  • 10 m unique umbilical between weld carriage and control unit.