Pre-Owned PINES Hydraulic Tube Bender
Model 1400 Serial No. MOA331


General Specifications
Subject to Verification
Max bending capacities:
    Round tubing, non-ferrous, 1-1/4” OD x .065” wall
    Round tubing, mild steel, 1-1/8” OD x .065” wall
    Round tubing, stainless, 7/8” OD x .065” wall
    Steel pipe, schedule 80, ˝”
    Square tubing, mild steel, ľ” x .083”
    Rectangular tubing, mild steel, E-plane, ľ” x 1” x .065”
    Rectangular tubing, mild steel, H-plane, ľ” x 1” x .049”
    Round bar, mild steel, ľ”
    Square bar, mild steel, 9/16”
    Section, Modulus (z), max, mild steel, .054”
    Max, horizontal & vertical dimensions, 1-3/8”
0 to 80 bend                                                                                             DOWNLOAD BENDER TOOLING SETS
Main motor 3 HP
Approx dimensions 117”L x 36”W x 45”H                                            

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