Tridan PEDT-1

General Information

The Model PEDT-1 is an innovative Tube Expanding system for heat transfer coils. This totally electronic Servo driven expander can expand from one (one) to eight (8) tubes per cycle in either tension or compression.The PEDT-1’sunique design allows for a minimal floor space using a drum and cable draw system, which eliminates the floor space required when using conventional expander rods systems.The use of Servo motors give the PEDT-1the ability to change from one coil length to another with just the push of a button. This design also gives flexibility in expansion speed, and a great reduction in noise generated by the typical hydraulic system.


Standard Features

  • Cable Pull Expansion -Tension or Compression
  • Minimal Floor Space Required
  • Servo Drive
  • Flexible Expansion Lengths
  • Adjustable Expansion Speed
  • Expands Diagonally Circuited Hairpins
  • Adjustable To Virtually Any Coil Size
  • CNC Control for Fin length and coil pattern.