Polysoude PC600-3

Accessories and options for particular needs

  • Real time acquisition and storage of welding procedures.
  • Multi-axis cards for the control of welding peripheral equipment, rotators, positioners, column & booms…
  • Programmable mass flow meter with flow safety valve for shielding and backing gas.
  • Adapter kits to use other than Polysoude weld heads.
  • Dual weld head switch box.
  • Manual tack welding kit including water-cooled TIG / GTAW torch.
  • Extension cable (15 m).
  • Gas hose.
  • Pressure regulator.

Standard Features

  • PC off- or on-line programming.
  • PO-WIN: powerful Windows based welding software. Files are converted into standard Word or Excel reports.
  • Paperless transfer and storage of weld procedures via PC.
  • Integrated weld controller with individual axis cards for all weld motions.
  • Unique synchronisation possibilities between weld current and weld motions.
  • Closed loop regulation of all weld motions: rotation, wire speed…
  • Programming by angular degrees in mm/min or inch/min.
  • Full function remote control with LCD screen, display of real values during welding.
  • Weld procedures are directly selected by the full function remote control.
  • Integrated closed loop water cooling system for Polysoude weld heads and torches.
  • Integrated safety valves for welding gas and torch cooling.
  • Auto-diagnostic system, indicating error code and explanation.