Polysoude P6

Standard Features
•Intuitive graphical interface
•Synergic mode auto-programming
•Program control by time or angular degrees calibrated in mm/min or inch/min
•Comprehensive real-time welding data acquisition
•Error-diagnostic system
•Automatic welding head recognition
•Built-in printer for welding procedure archiving and documentation
•Ethernet compatible
•Closed loop regulation of torch rotation and wire speed
•Built-in Arc Voltage Control (AVC) and Torch Oscillation Control (OSC)
•Torch gas control with safety valve and flow detection                        DOWNLOAD BROCHURE                                         •Built-in closed loop water cooling system with safety valve for                                                                                            welding head and torch

Accessories and options for particular needs
•Large 10,4“ colour touch screen with multilingual, graphically assisted welding software
•Full function remote control 4-axes or 6-axes
•Wire feeder
•AVC - Arc Voltage Control
•OSC - Torch Oscillation Control
•Multi voltage kit 200 V to 480 V
•Interface for welding manipulators for mechanized welding (positioner, column and boom, seam welder, real time data acquisition…)
•Control kit for other than POLYSOUDE™ welding heads
•Manual tack welding kit including water-cooled TIG torch
•Extension cable (15 m) for welding heads
•Kit for backing gas
•Dual welding head switch box