Polysoude P4


Accessories and options for particular needs :

  • Large 10,4“ color touch screen with multilingual, graphically assisted welding software.
  • Adapter kits to use many existing makes of weld head.
  • Manual tack welding kit including water-cooled TIG / GTAW torch.
  • Dual weld head switch box.
  • Extension cable (15 m).
  • Gas hose.
  • Pressure regulator.

Standard Features

  • Automatic weld procedure generation / Synergic-Mode (diameter, wall thickness, material, etc).
  • Programming by standard PC using multilingual, graphically assisted welding software.
  • Full function remote control.
  • Expert help menu for procedure optimisation.
  • Automatic weld head recognition.
  • Automatic voltage supply adaptation compatible with field power generators (100-230V single phase +/- 10%).
  • USB memory stick (saving, loading, archiving).
  • Comprehensive real-time welding data acquisition.
  • Built-in printer for welding procedure archiving and documentation.
  • Built-in closed loop water cooling system with safety valve for weld head and torch.
  • Welding gas control with safety valves.
  • Closed loop regulation of torch rotation and wire speed.
  • Program control by time or angular degrees calibrated in mm/min or inch/min.
  • Ethernet & Internet compatible.
  • Compatible with standard peripheral equipment – bar code reader, oxygen analyser etc.
  • Error-diagnostic system.
  • RoHS conform