Finn-Power (Lillbacka) P20MS

Standard Features

  • The main improvement is an interactive MS control,which can be taught the opening: set the desired opening and the machine will remember it and work semi-automatically.

  • New crimping machine models save energy:
    machine runs only when crimping is started
    and turns to the powersave mode after a set time.

  • In addition to traditional machine oils 20MS and
    32MS machines can also be used with oilseed rape. New models also run quietly.

  • The machine cover material is the same as in
    the car bumpers: it withstands little bumps
    and scratches and plastic is also rust-free.

  • Thanks to an entirely novel construction new models are easy to use both right and left handed and the feeding direction can be from front and back.
    Control device is embedded to the front cover allowing more working space for the operator. The foot pedal and back stop device are available as an option.

  • 20MS and 32MS allow easy access to
    the components. Due to that changing the oil
    and the filter is quick and easy.
    A special Cylinder Protection Inserts protect
    the cylinder from dirt and loose scrap.