Model OG-15

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Configurations
For integrators, the OG-15 OEM is available.  This basic configuration includes the sieve beds, timing board, and a valve secured to a mounting plate for easy installation in the purchaser's enclosure.  The benefit of this OEM design is it provides a lower cost option to customers who want to supply their own feed air, instrumentation, and enclosure for a total oxygen producing package to end users.

Options Available:
230 VAC 50/60 HZ
No Cover
Anti-vibration Feet (for tabletop use)
Quiet Muffler Option
Pressure Switch and Relief Valve

General Information

Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, the OGSI Model OG-15 extracts oxygen from the atmosphere, concentrating it to 93% (± 3%) purity, and delivering the oxygen to any application.

The OG-15 is completely self-contained. Its internal air compressor, filtration system, zeolite sieve, surge tank, and flow control system were designed for 24 hour operation.

The OG-15 is built on a powder coated steel chassis. Its anodized aluminum sieve beds are fitted with custom molded composite end caps for years of reliable service. Weighing 78 lb (35 kg) the OG-15 is the industrial strength oxygen concentrator.

Why bother with the danger of high-pressure cylinder oxygen? The OG-15's built-in regulator allows you to set the delivery pressure according to your needs. The 0.3 hp compressor maintains an internal pressure of less than 9 psi, and delivers an optimal flow of oxygen up