Model NK-23U

Set Up Instructions:
Remove cutter from box. Loosen the bolt holding the Rest. Turn 90° with the short end on the side matching the diagram. Tighten the bolt using a hex socket key. 5mm key for NK3W & NK23U, 6mm key for NK34U

Cutting Operation:

  1. Open the jaws by opening the handles fully.
  2. Insert the threaded rod to be cut into the jaws. (Make sure the threaded rod fits into the blade grooves.)
  3. Close the jaws so that they are in full contact with the threaded rod.
  4. Make the cut by closing the handles together firmly, in a smooth nonstop action. (The cutting action with the 3/8" & 3/8"-1/4" cutter is a two stage process to minimize the cutting pressure.)
  5. Open the handles and remove the cut pieces.

These cutters are designed to be used with carbon steel National Coarse threaded rod. 303 & 304L stainless and B7 alloy rod can also be cut but you will not get as long a blade life as with carbon steel.

General Maintenance:

  1. Make sure all the bolts stay tight.
  2. Keep the cutting surfaces free of filings and debris.
  3. Oil the moving parts as necessary.
  4. When the cutting blades have been reversed and both sides are worn out, replace with a set of new blades.