NC60UC Finn-Power (Lillbacka)

General Information

FINN-POWER’s NC20, NC30 and NC40 series nut crimping machines provide fast, accurate operation in crimping the nut / ferrule / bush set on ends ofhydraulic hoses. These models are intended for use in serial manufacturing.

A special centring pin, selected according to ferrule size is used during the crimping. The machine produces accurate and consistent results.

Standard Features

  • With standard dies. Crimping range can be increased with special dies.

  • Theoretical with 10 mm cycle

  • See table for die set data

  • Maximum opening is the total die travel. Add this value to the minimum crimping diameter of the die set used. The result is the maximum opening of the machine with die set in place.

  • NC20, NC30 and NC40 dies can be used