Tridan NBF

General Information

The Tridan Model NBF Nipple Brazing Fixture is designed for securely holding nipples in Location while they are being brazed into a header tube. The fixture can be fully Adjusted for different header diametmers or tube extensions and can be tooled for as many as four specific coil patters.

The production application of the TRIDAN® Model NBF is to accurately hold nipple tubes in the correct location to allow them to be hand brazed into a header. This machine is designed for headers with a maximum length of 8' (2438mm), an outside diameter of 4-1/2" (114.3mm) and nipple lengths up to 6" (152mm).  It is a fully integrated system consisting of the Header Tube Clamping Section, Header Support Section, Header Offset Section and Adjustable Nipple Fixture Retainer Section.                                                                                                                          All sections are design to work in conjunction with the                                                                                                                            Specially Designed Tooling Pattern Plates.