Polysoude MW Heads

Accessories and options for particular needs

  • Titanium Tube Clamp Inserts – TCI's™ for all tube and pipe O.D.'s available both in metric and inch sizes.
  • Elbow-kit with off-set electrode holder, single tube clamp and gas seal, also for fittings or accessories with short stick-out.
  • Extension cable (15 m).
  • Manual tack welding kit including water-cooled TIG / GTAW torch.
  • Dual weld head switch box.
  • Compact shipping case for transport and storage.
  • Tungsten electrodes, pre-sharpened and pre-cut.
  • Tool kit for daily operations.

Standard Features

  • Compatible for work with all series of Polysoude power sources.
  • Particularly designed for high duty cycle applications by means of high temperature resistant materials and closed loop water cooling.
  • Narrow weld head profile for use in areas with constrained axial and radial clearance.
  • Integrated remote control in handle.
  • Interchangeable flexible titanium Tube Clamp Inserts – TCI's™ to comply with standard O.D.'s tolerances and hygienic / high purity requirements.
  • Closed loop regulation to ensure precise, constant or pulsed welding speed.
  • Encoder for position based control of the welding program.
  • Return-to-home feature: the electrode gear automatically returns to its loading position.