Polysoude MUIV 195 HW

Accessories and options for particular needs

  • Angle gear box
  • Extension cable (15 m - 49.21 ft)
  • Compact shipping case for transport and storage
  • Balancer
  • Tungsten electrodes, pre-sharpened and pre-cut
  • „C” version with water cooled clamp shells
  • Tool kit for daily operation

Standard Features

  • Compatible for work with the following series of Polysoude power sources: xx6 and PC series with AVC/OSC.
  • Particularly designed for high duty cycle applications by means of high temperature resistant materials and closed loop water cooling.
  • Two interchangeable clamping systems: P – full range adjustable for frequently changing the O.D.'s; C – clamp shells per O.D., for precise and great clamping force, large series heavy duty production, water cooling for preheated tubes.
  • Closed loop regulation to ensure precise, constant or pulsed welding speed.
  • Encoder for position based control of the welding program.
  • Tiltable torch for socket welds (45°).
  • Clutch for rapid cable unwinding (models 195 and 275).
  • Motorised Arc Voltage Control (AVC) and Torch Oscillation Control (OSC) for multipass welding of medium wall thicknesses
  • Rotation clutch device for quick cable winding
  • Reinforced cable-hose assembly
  • Integrated wire feeder
  • Quick clamping system for all situations: “Grip-it”
  • Welding head: “one-size-fits”
  • Quick change of the electrode