Model 6412

Spares and Accessories:
220267 Cut-Off Blade, DI
220808 RH Cut-Off Blade, steel
220809 LH Cut-Off Blade, steel
220705 30° Steel Bevel Blade
220706 371/2° Steel Bevel Blade
220770 45° Steel Bevel Blade
220707 45° DI Bevel Blade
220855 Support Stand (not included with orbital as standard feature–purchased separately)

General Iniformation

For 4"–12" (100–300mm) steel and ductile iron pipe. The clamshell frame and modular design
make this machine fast and easy to set up and operate. A single frame and gear plate make the orbital the most economical unit for its size range. Standard 115V electric power. Complete with all necessary accessories and packed in a storage case.
6412 Cut & Bevel, DI & CI pipe 4"–12" (100–300mm)
8412 Cut & Bevel, steel pipe 4"–12" (100–300mm)
5412 Cut & Groove, steel pipe 4 "–12" (100–300mm)
Shipping weight  362 lbs. (165kg)