Model 3013

Standard Features

  • Solid alloy aluminum construction. It is the most ruggedly constructed machine in the industry.
  • Slide and gibbs are heat treated aluminum that is Teflon coated to insure long life. Slide assembly is positioned together by gauge block machining. This assembly is located by dowelled gibbs that are precisely aligned with the V-block. There are no elongated holes which could allow misalignment.
  • Motor is a 10 Amp draw industrial drill motor with the internal 4-speed gear box 110, 175, 245, 385 RPM. Spindel bore is a No. 3 Morse Taper.


  • Electrical Panel meets the highest standard of operating safely. A Circuit Breaker assures no safety hazard to the operator or machine.
  • Arbor support design for use with Slugger cutters, or drill chuck for use with hole saws or drills.
  • Chain clamp is standard on all units and clamps to pipe diameters 1 1/4" through 12"
  • Optional speed toggle clamp, clamps 1 1/4" through 6"pipe.
  • Both clamps ensure positive holding during hole cutting operations and can by used in any position.
  • Oil feed. - The arbor is designed with an oil reservoir for automatic gravity feed during the cutting operation in the vertical position.
  • Easy part replacement - building block design allows easy part repair or replacement. (No need to ship machine out of repair).