Tridan MCCTL-150 Cut to Length

General Information

The MCCTL Machine Series from Tridan International provides the latest advancement in High Volume Microchannel cut-off machinery. Tridan has combined its cut-off method that produces the highest quality cut available today, with a rugged mechanical drive and modern servo technology to produce the ultimate production system. The Model MCCTL-150 processes a single strand of extruded aluminum Microchannel at speeds up to 150 parts per minute (based on a 609mm part length).

The production application of the TRIDAN Model MCCTL-150 is to straighten and cut to a predetermined length level-wound coiled Microchannel extruded aluminum tubing. It is a fully integrated system consisting of a Tube Straightening and Sizing Section, Servo Tube Feeding Section with Programmable length, and a Servo Mechanical Tube Cutoff Section. Supporting equipment includes a Tube Uncoiling System, a Tube Run-out/Collector System, and an optional Tube End Form System.