Tridan MCCB Core Builder

General Information

Today’s advanced Heat Exchangers warrant advanced methods for manufacturing to ensure quality andproduction efficiency. More importantly, the need for increased model mix makes agility in manufacturing a prime requirement.

Whether your application is Automotive or HVAC, Aerospace or Appliance, High Volume or High Model Mix, Tridan can provide a unique solution to meet your unique application requirements. Radiators Condensers Charge Air Coolers Core Building is a critical part of the manufacturing process. Work with the company specializing in unique solutions for your unique application... Innovative Automation. Linked Systems tied directly to the Fin Mill, Independent Systems, High Model Mix Assembly Cells with Multiple Core Builders (or                                                                                                                                  Multiple Fin Mills). We have experience developing the                                                                                                                            solution that makes your manufacturing operation                                                                                                                                  efficient and effective.
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