Tridan MB

General Information

The TRIDAN Model MB-2-36 Hand-Operated Tube Bender is a single tube multi-purpose utility-type bender. The MB was primarily designed for tube shapes used on heat transfer coils in air conditioning and refrigeration, however it has many other uses.

The TRIDAN Model MB-2-36 Hand-Operated Tube Bender is a manually operated tube bender, designed for copper and aluminum tube having outside diameters' between 3/16" (4.76mm) and 7/8" (22.22mm). The MB-2-36 bends one tube per cycle and is capable of producing multiple bends in the same tube with a minimum tangent length between successive bends. The MB-2-36 is constructed on heavy-duty weldment base on which are mounted the Bend Head and the adjustable Follower Block Retainer - Mandrel Rod Support Weldment. The Bend Head rotates on twin precision ball bearings and features a calibrated protractor with adjustable mechanical stops and settings for bend angles between 0 and 180 degrees. The lower bend die retainer is fixed to the bend head with the upper bend die retainer pivot mounted to retract vertically when bend hand is moved upward. All pivot points of this adjustable eccentric clamping mechanism are fitted with sealed needle bearings to minimize clamping force requirements. The Follower Block Retainer - Mandrel Rod Support Weldment is key-way mounted to be weldment base, and is adjustable for various tube Diameters and bend radii.

The unique design of the upper and lower combination bend-clamp dies, follower block, andmandrel/mandrel-rod assembly allow the MB-2-36 to bend in either the right-to-left or left-to-right direction
by inverting the tooling components on their respective retainers. This feature is highly desirable for certain tube
configurations with compound bends where the execution of the secondary bend(s) may be prevented by interference between the initial bend(s) and the bender. Though the MB-2-36 is design for mounting to any stable horizontal surface such as a work bench or table, an optional Base Unit is available. This base unit provides a
convenient working height for the MB-2-36 and storage of tooling.