Model MB-105 HD

General Information

The Model 105 Manual Tube and Pipe Bender is the latest and strongest bender that has developed over 30 years of computer designing and extensive testing to ensure that it is the most versatile and rugged, yet affordable bender on the market today. The Standard Duty frame is computer designed to withstand constant use in a professional fabrication shop for bending up to 0.134"-wall thickness tubing and Schedule 40 pipe at up to 1-3/4" outside diameter. Its arms are CNC-machined out of 1/2"-thick cold-rolled steel, stress relieved, then dipped in an anti-corrosion solution and sprayed with a two-part, chip-resistant epoxy. Graphite-impregnated bushings between the frame arms and swing arms lock the arms in place, enabling easy die changes while reducing friction and wear. CNC-machined out of heat-treated tool steel, the pins feature easy-grip finger indentations to make removal easy. With its redesigned high-leverage ratchet assembly, the Model 105 ratchet handle yields close-ratio spacing that shortens bending time with accuracy. This powerful bender allows the average fabricator to complete 90-degree bend in less than a minute! For more convenient operation, the Model 105 can be easily converted to a hydraulic power in minutes; simply remove the ratchet assembly and install one of our hydraulic conversion packages.

Our Standard Duty Package comes with everything you need to get your bending project started:

  • Standard Duty Model 105 Tube and Pipe Bender
  • Industrial Degree Ring with Adjustable Stop Bracket - for making accurate bends every time
  • Ratchet Extension Handle - for additional leverage
  • Stand
  • One Standard Die of Your Choice - for making bends up to 90 degrees after springback

Our dies are 100% CNC-machined steel billet. We guarantee the highest quality with a lifetime warranty against breakage. Be sure to call our expert technical sales team if you have any questions about the Model 105 Tube and Pipe Bender or any of our other tools!