Mallets Sledges


General Information

Unique Features

All Dead Blow striking tool head castings feature an unobstructed cavity, partially filled with iron shot. As the hammer is struck on a surface, the urethane face absorbs a portion of the blow's energy.

The shot moves forward immediately behind the blow, dampening the rebound and insuring that the force of the blow is transmitted solidly to the struck surface.

Dead Blow Hammers and Mallets

Dead Blow Hammers and Mallets are available in 6 sizes, with a selection of two weights in each size.

The rugged head casting is of either malleable iron (Heavy Dead Blow) or hi-tensile, non-sparking Aluminum (Light Dead Blow). Faces are held in the hammer head by steel inserts; the hickory handle is joined to the head casting by a parented wedge and epoxy bond. The unique safety grooved handle allows the user to grip the hammer comfortably but firmly, regardless of oil or perspiration.

These striking tools are excellent for seating work in vises, fixtures or die sets, for straightening castings, forming sheet metal, assembling or disassembling machinery, separating die sets, disassembling power transmission assemblies and machinery spindles, etc.

The work applications of these versatile tools are limitless.

Dead Blow Sledges

Dead Blow Sledges have the same features as the Hammers and Mallets.

The are used where a heavy blow is desired, yet still retain the highly protective quality of urethane.

They are available in 2 sizes with 2 weights in each size furnished with smooth hickory grip handles.