Tridan LSEM

General Information

The Tridan Model LSEM Low Profile Single Sided Expander is designed for the expansion of all tubes within a plate fin type heat exchanger. It will also simultaneously size and final bell the coil. This innovative Tridan design provides for 30% reduction in overall expander height when compared to a conventional expander with the same coil capacity.

The Tridan Low-Profile Single Sided Vertical Mechanical Expander, due to it’s extraordinary space saving features,mechanical precision and durability, has become the standard design for vertical expanders used on medium and large size coils. By reducing the required vertical headroom approximately thirty (30%) percent, a vertical expander may now be used for many of the very large coils for which horizontal expanders were formally considered as the only practical approach.

This Vertical Mechanical Expander is designed for simultaneous mechanical expansion of all the heat exchanger tubes to precise internal diameter, thus forming a secure mechanical bond between each tube, the complete finned core and the end sheet. The coil is also sized to establish the final finned core length for the correct dimension between end sheets. This tube extension belling operation provides for insertion clearance of the return bends and other brazed coil circuiting tubes.