Knipex Hand Tools

General Information

1882 Carl Gustav Putsch set up his own small forge shop in Cronenberg (now a part of Wupperta l).

1922 Carl Putsch takes over mana­gement. The company develops into an industrial firm.

1942 KNIPEX, the brand, is created and registered.

1954 Karl Putsch (photo left), the grandson of the company founder, takes over management of the family­ owned company. Numerous innova­tions and modern production technology characterize the development.

1987 Ralf Putsch joins the company. International sales are                                                                                                                   seriously ex­panded. Other tool manufacturers become part of the                                                                                                       KNIPEX Group.

Carl Gustav Putsch wanted to stand on his own two feet after completing his apprentice­ship as blacksmith with his father. He therefore set up his own business in 1882 and forged carpenters' and farriers' pincers with two journeymen, 60 pieces per day.The other processes were also carried out in careful manual labour. The quality was sought after,the small enterprise grew.

The next generations were able to build continuously on these foundations. Knipex has retained an independent family owned company up to the present day. A lot has changed since the first years. Over time, the workshop turned into a factory with modern machinery and continuously improving technology. New types of pliers and pioneering innovations were added.The number of supplied countries grew steadily.

However, their fundamental principle has stayed in place: remain faithful to a product group, concentrate all strengths on it and be "simply the best" in pliers. Don't get side-tracked, instead create more performance and quality in a single segment. This is what KNIPEX stands for as today's leading brand in pliers.