Klenedraw 4100

General Information

KLENEDRAW W-4100 is a pourable gel, specifically designed for use as a lubricant for tube and pipe
bending and other metal forming operations on ferrous metals, including high strength alloys.
KLENEDRAW W-4100 produces a high strength lubricating film on the surface of the metal.

· Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
· Does Not Contain Chlorine, Sulfur, or Phosphorous
· Has Excellent Rust Protection for Inside Storage
· Cleans Easily in Low Temperature Water Base Solutions
· Can be Welded Through Without Cleaning
· Is Environmentally Friendly


KLENEDRAW W-4100 should be used as a straight concentrate. It is designed for use in once-through
applications and should be applied in minimal amounts. KLENEDRAW W-4100 can be applied through
mandrel rod lubrication systems having the capability of pumping viscous liquids or greases. It can be removed
with a mild alkaline cleaner.


Density: 1.04 g/ml 8.67 lbs/gal
Appearance: Clear Amber Liquid
Odor: Bland
pH (concentrate): Typically 9.3 to 9.5