General Information

K-Series Supercutters make only one cut at a time, but they are often faster than gang band or cold saw cutting because of negligible setup time and faster cycles.

  • No chucking or unchucking of stock is necessary
  • The blade cuts through only the stock wall-not the diameter, so there is less blade travel time.
  • The cutter blade penetrates at a higher feed rate without damaging or heating the blade and stock.
  • Setups can be done easily by unskilled, inexperienced personnel in minutes.
  • Cutting is dry; eliminates cutting oil handling and disposal requirements for OSHA sensitive materials.

Simple Blade & Stock Changes

Changing stock or cutter blades on any K-Series model requires only 10 seconds. Other manufacturers' designs require adjusting the cutter support rollers and realigning the entire stock support system to change stock size. This is a time-consuming, trial-and-error process. The K-Series permits cutting stock by merely raising and lowering the cutter head. It's fast and simple. Rabbit Tool's pat tented eccentric actuated cutters provide maximum cutting control with minimum operator effort. Even unskilled personnel can set up, run and maintain our Supercutters.