GBC Hypercutter


Standard Features

Pipe cold cutting and beveling machine GBC HYPERCUTTER for steel pipes, suitable for factory or on-site job. Available with hydraulic motor. 

Extremely rugged design and increased section of the steel body. All locking clamps brings pipe OD reference for easier and fast set up onto pipe. 

The unit is equipped with two copier toolboxes with pipe OD tracking system, thus minimizing the bevel offset due to out of round of pipe. Machine body is split frame type for installation and use along pipelines.

60” - 96” o/d.
Pipe cold cutting, bevelling, facing, counterboring.
Carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, duplex.
POWER:  Hydraulic. 

The Hypercutter range of portable pipe cutting & beveling machines are designed to meet on site heavy duty requirements on large pipeline diameters. split frame body and copier toolboxes are standard features.